You can contribute to our project through either of these sites. The program currently has a need for percussion instruments and guitars. There are a growing number of enthusiastic children but not enough instruments for all of them! Overhead is very low, ongoing costs consist mostly of paying a modest instructor wage.

Dreams Can Be Foundation (2000-2014) is our sponsor which has non-profit status in both the U.S. and Brazil. You can make an online credit card donation to Music for Canoa through their website (which takes you to the guidestar site). For a larger donations (more than $100) filling out this form and sending a check to Dreams Can Be on our behalf is the best way: click here - Whether you donate by check or credit card please be sure to reference the Music for Canoa project in your donation. Email us at to let us know you made a contribution. website page - You can also make a donation through this page, as well.

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